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NOVA™ products offer the ultimate in custom-built refrigerator and freezer products, with many high end features including solid and glass-doors, half doors, pass-thru, roll-in and heated cabinets.  NOVA™ has helped Nor-Lake build a strong global reputation in these product categories.

  • NR522 NOVA™ Refrigerator

    NOVA™ Reach-ins

    The NOVA™ Reach-in line includes Reach-in Refrigerators and Freezers, Glass Door Refrigerators, Pass-Thru, Roll-in and Roll-Thru Refrigerators as well as Heated Cabinets, Heated Pass-Thru, Roll-in and Roll-Thru Cabinets.

  • NLVOAM60-72 Vertical Open Air Merchandiser with Product

    NOVA™ Open Air Merchandisers


    NOVA™ Horizontal and Vertical Open Air Refrigerator Merchandisers are equipped with basemount systems and are available in various heights and widths

  • AR124-A Dual Access Milk Coolers

    NOVA™ Milk Coolers

    NOVA™ Cold Wall Milk Coolers are standard with casters, stainless steel service doors and white enamel steel exterior with a galvanized steel interior.

    Milk Cooler Storage Units are standard with white enamel exterior, galvanized steel interior and two standard shelves.

  • FF204 Ice Cream Storage Dipping Cabinet

    NOVA™ Ice Cream Cabinets

    The NOVA™ Ice Cream Cabinets product line includes Angled Ice Cream Display Merchandisers, Ice Cream Dipping-Display, Ice Cream Storage-Dipping and Ice Cream Topping-Dipping Cabinets as well as Ice Cream Topping Refrigerator and Freezer Cabinets with NSF Standard 7 refrigerated rail.

  • N14CRSS-A Ice Crusher

    NOVA™ Ice Crusher

    The NOVA™ Ice Crusher crushes large cubes into crushed ice in only a few seconds. There are three settings, fine, medium and coarse, which can be selected on the front lever.

NOVA™ Products Brochure

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132826 NOVA Products Brochure