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Capsule Pak™ Refrigeration Systems

Capsule Pak

Nor-Lake's original Capsule Pak™ Refrigeration Systems are designed and built by Nor-Lake for over 35 years! Capsule Pak™ Refrigeration Systems consist of a unitized system which is factory assembled, wired, charged, tested and fully equipped for fast and easy insertion into a factory prepared walk-in opening.

Standard Features

  • Available for coolers or freezers
  • Air cooled condensing unit
  • Automatic condensate vaporizer. No drain lines required on indoor models
  • Ceiling or wall mount
  • Indoor and outdoor models
  • Three temperatures: +35°F, -10°F, -20°F
  • Time clock provided for automatic defrost on both coolers and freezers


Available products, click on image for additional product information.


  • Wall Mount Capsule Pak Refrigeration System
  • Capsule Pak Refrigeration System
  • Outdoor Capsule Pak Refrigeration System
  • Kold Locker with Remote Capsule Pak Refrigeration Option
  • Capsule Pak Side View


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  • 132724 Capsule Pak Refrigeration System Specification Sheet040086 Capsule Pak Refrigeration System Manual089604 Walk-In & Refrigeration Warranties151597 Enviro-Control FlyerEnviro-Control IOM Manual (164709)

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