About Norlake

In 1947, Norlake was founded in the garage of a creamery in Hudson, Wisconsin (located just east of St. Paul and Minneapolis). In the beginning, the company designed bar and restaurant refrigeration products and some of its first products are still in use today.

One of our original products was ice cube makers. Over time, we expanded operations to include a large variety of foodservice refrigeration products and, in 1982, we created a separate Scientific Division.

Norlake has been a consistent leader in refrigeration innovation and design.

1981 - Norlake increased the insulation properties and energy savings of its products by changing from fiberglass to polyurethane foam insulation

1989 - Became the first U.S. commercial refrigeration company to introduce a HCFC blowing Ozone Guard-22 polyurethane insulation reducing the amount of ozone depleting CFCs given off by refrigeration products

1997 - Began using CFC-free foam in its polyurethane insulation

Through the years, Norlake remained a family-owned business until 2003 when it became part of the Standex Foodservice Equipment Group. In 2020 Ten Oaks Group acquired the company and, along with Master-Bilt, formed Refrigerated Solutions Group.

Norlake, Inc. has grown to be a leader in designing and manufacturing quality refrigeration products and has earned one of the most respected names in the refrigeration industry.

Norlake's Downtown Office

Norlake's Production Facility