Capsule Pak ECO™ Refrigeration Systems


Norlake Capsule Pak ECO refrigeration systems for indoor and outdoor walk-in coolers and freezers are highly sustainable with a significantly reduced Global Warming Potential of 3.

Capsule Pak ECO Features R290 Refrigerant

Capsule Pak ECO systems feature patented technology combining efficient components with R290 natural refrigerant for the most eco-friendly systems (US patent no. 11,859,885). R290 refrigerant provides many benefits and is a natural, safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative refrigerant to man-made synthetic refrigerants. Field comparison tests have shown that systems operating with R290 refrigerant have electrical energy savings of 30 to 50+% over legacy systems using HFC refrigerants.

Norlake Capsule Pak ECO™ refrigeration system

Capsule Pak ECO Allows Easy Installation

Not only are Capsule Pak ECO refrigeration systems sustainable, but they are also simple to install. Both the condensing unit and evaporator coil are in a single housing which is easily set in place on top of your cooler or freezer. Electrical installation is also a breeze with cord and plug connection and no field wiring necessary. There is also no need for plumbing on indoor models, as floor drains are not required.

Capsule Pak ECO Designed For Easy Service

Capsule Pak ECO outdoor models feature louvered openings to protect against the elements.

Capsule Pak ECO outdoor models feature louvered openings to protect against the elements.

In addition to energy efficiency, Capsule Pak ECO refrigeration systems are also space efficient. Designed with a smaller footprint, up to 28% shorter and 20% narrower, Capsule Pak ECO models allow more working space and easier handling. Capsule Pak ECO models also provide more storage space inside a walk-in since the evaporator coil mounts flush in the walk-in ceiling panel with all components outside the walk-in.

Capsule Pak ECO Features Unique Technology

Capsule Pak ECO systems for outdoor walk-in coolers incorporate a patent pending heater technology for low ambient conditions to keep walk-in temperatures at a set point. When outside temperatures drop, the valuable contents of your cooler are protected from freezing.

Other Standard Features Include:

  • LogiTemp® electronic controller provides internet connectivity* as well as increased reliability and food safety
  • Automatic condensate evaporator
  • Factory pre-charged with refrigerant
  • 18 months parts and labor warranty (optional 5-year compressor warranty available)

*Standard feature on outdoor systems, optional on indoor.

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