Fineline™ Custom Walk-In Coolers And Freezers

Norlake's Fineline™ custom walk-in coolers and freezers offer unparalleled design flexibility.

Whether you need a single-compartment cooler or a large refrigerated warehouse, Norlake has the perfect solution. Our customized Fineline walk-ins are designed to fit into virtually any industry or application. We provide highly efficient polyurethane insulated panels and refrigeration systems, offering a comprehensive solution. Each custom-built walk-in is proudly made in the USA, incorporating high-quality components and utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing processes, ensuring years of reliable cooling.

Benefits of Fineline Custom Walk-In Coolers

With our extensive range of options, tailoring your walk-in to meet your business needs is a breeze. Specify any size, unique shape, particular angles, glass doors, color, metal finish, and single or multiple compartments. Additionally, choose from various door accessories, floor types, and shelving kits to enhance the convenience and functionality of your custom walk-in freezer or cooler. Explore the page below to discover the wide array of options available.

Fineline Custom Walk-Ins Reduce Operational Costs

Fineline custom walk-in coolers and freezers are designed to save on installation and operational costs, adapting effortlessly to your business requirements. Panels assemble easily using a cam-lock process that requires only a factory-supplied 5/16-inch hex wrench. This straightforward assembly allows the walk-in to grow with your business, enabling easy relocation or expansion of your cold storage with minimal effort.

To optimize energy efficiency and safeguard your stored items, Norlake designs walk-in panels to fit tightly together, forming a reliable seal against warm outside air. Featuring a soft nose construction, Norlake panels offer flexibility and a superior fit when locked together, surpassing other methods. The polyurethane insulation inside each panel boasts exceptional temperature-retaining properties, providing an R-value of 32, meeting or exceeding DOE regulations.

Fineline Custom Walk-In Refrigeration System Options

Norlake streamlines the ordering process by serving as a one-source provider of walk-ins and refrigeration systems. Our refrigeration options include self-contained and remote models, ensuring a high-quality system tailored to your cold storage needs.

Norlake prioritizes environmentally friendly systems, utilizing high-quality, efficient components along with low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants.

Split-Pak™ remote refrigeration systems consist of a condensing unit with a matching evaporator coil. The condensing unit is typically located outside the building or on a roof, while the evaporator coil is inside the walk-in.

Self-contained Capsule Pak™ and Capsule Pak ECO™ refrigeration systems feature a condensing unit and evaporator coil in a single housing, ready to mount on top of your Norlake walk-in. All components are external to the walk-in storage area, maximizing storage space. Whether your walk-in is indoors or outdoors, you get the maximum storage capacity.

Capsule Pak™ remote refrigeration systems include a separate evaporator coil and condensing unit, quick-connected using pre-charged refrigerant line sets. The evaporator coil is mounted on top of the walk-in, with the condensing unit located externally, often on a rooftop, removing heat and noise from the work environment.

For more information on Norlake's benefits, visit our walk-in advantages page.



Use our Savings Calculator to see how much you can save with Norlake polyurethane insulated walk-ins.

Use our Savings Calculator to see how much you save with polyurethane insulated walk-ins.

Or let us help with your next refrigeration project.

Standard Features

  • Cooler, freezer or combination cooler/freezer models, multiple compartments and warehouse buildings
  • Specify any size
  • Specify any shape or angle
  • Specify any height
  • Specify interior and exterior metal finish
  • Standard flooring that withstands 800 pounds/sq. ft.
  • Glass doors or special doors
  • High output low profile LED lighting positioned above the door to prevent interference with shelving or product
  • Heavy-duty adjustable long-strap hinges are spring-loaded to ensure proper closure
  • Spring actuated door closer to ensure doors close completely 
  • Digital thermometer and light switch conveniently combined in one component
  • Deadbolt locking handle for added security
  • 15-year panel warranty for industry-leading protection


  • Special paint color for panels
  • Foamed-in-place aluminum diamond treadplate floor with CDX plywood underlayment can withstand 1,000 pounds/sq. ft.
  • Super floor with plywood underlayment and tubular supports can withstand 5,000 pounds/sq. ft.
  • Secure Guard™ lock ensures the door is automatically locked every time and stays shut to save energy and maintain food temperature
  • NL 708 walk-in alarm and light management system includes high/low temperature alarms, light timer and motion sensor option
  • Bumper rails, trim strips and closure panels
  • Cooler and freezer door viewports
  • Extra lights and special switches
  • Indoor and outdoor roof and ceiling support systems
  • Interior and exterior door kickplates to protect from dents and scratches
  • Interior and exterior ramps for convenient entrance and exit
  • LED Lighting – 2’ and 4’ long ceiling mount fixtures
  • Various door styles and sizes
  • Specially designed shelving kits
  • Wide range of pre-assembled remote refrigeration systems
  • LogiTemp® electronic controller system for refrigeration systems