Split Refrigeration Units For Walk-Ins

Split-Pak Remote Refrigeration Systems used in walk in cooler refrigeration unit. Also referred to as split refrigeration system and remote refrigeration system.

Norlake's Split Pak™ split refrigeration units for walk-ins feature a condensing unit with matching evaporator coil. With split, or remote, refrigeration systems, the condensing unit is located away from a walk in cooler or freezer, usually outside a building or on a roof, while the evaporator coil is inside the walk in.

Split-Pak models should be used when:

  • Larger capacity systems are needed
  • Height above the walk-in is restricted
  • Taking the heat outside and removing load from the HVAC system is important
  • Lower noise level inside the space is important
  • Un-chilled product is loaded into a walk-in and needs to be pulled down to the appropriate storage temperature
  • You expect frequent walk in door openings

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Featuring eco-friendly R449A refrigerant, Norlake's split refrigeration units for walk-ins are pre-piped and pre-wired for quick and easy installation. Many Split-Pak systems are equipped with scroll compressors for maximum energy efficiency, increased reliability and quieter operation. Units that are six H.P. and above used in freezer applications are equipped with an electronic controller system as standard. Evaporator coils are low profile and ceiling mount for minimum loss of working space.

Condensing Unit Standard Features

  • DOE and SNAP compliant
  • HFO blended refrigerants (R448A/R449A)
  • Range from 1/2 to 15 H.P.
  • Medium temp units available in hermetic and compliant scroll compressor models
  • Compliant, energy efficient scroll compressors featured exclusively in low temp units for added reliability
  • With or without matching evaporator coils
  • Factory assembled on a galvanized steel angle leg base.
  • Generously-sized condenser for dependable performance
  • Pre-piping kit including sight glass
  • Pre-wiring kit (defrost timer standard on low temp models only)
  • Preset non-adjustable high and low pressure controls for medium temp units. Non-adjustable high and adjustable low pressure controls for low temp.
  • Crankcase heater
  • Head pressure control valve ensures proper operation in low ambient conditions
  • Suction service valve
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel base
  • Liquid line filter/drier
  • Pre-wired electrical control panel
  • Timer (standard on low temp models only)
  • Compressor contactor
  • Defrost heater contactor (when required)
  • Rifled tubes in condenser add efficiency
  • PSC condenser fan motors
  • Large liquid receiver (for max. 100 ft. line run)
  • One year limited compressor warranty (optional four year extended warranty available)

Condensing Unit Options

  • Special voltages
  • Insulated and heated receiver (thermostatically controlled)
  • Suction accumulator (shipped loose)
  • Coated condenser coils
  • Oil separator
  • Phase loss/low voltage monitor
  • Factory pre-assembled evaporator coil (includes factory pre-mounting of thermostatic air control and expansion valve)
  • Factory pre-charged system for 5 HP and under with quick connect liquid and suction line sets up to 50 ft. (specify length when ordering)
  • Adjustable low pressure control for medium and high temp units
  • Dual pressure control (adjustable)
  • Circuit breaker
  • Suction filter
  • Fan cycling switch
  • Pre-mounted solenoid at evaporator
  • Liquid line solenoid valve (shipped loose)
  • Timer for medium temp units
  • Heavy-duty rack base
  • Energy saving LogiTemp® electronic controller system (standard on freezer applications 6 H.P. and above)
  • LogiTemp® Plus electronic controller system with Reverse Cycle Defrost
  • Extended four year limited compressor warranty

Evaporator Coil Standard Features

  • Properly sized expansion valve
  • Room thermostat
  • Energy efficient EC motors on single phase coils
  • Electric defrost models feature defrost termination/fan delay controls and drain line heaters
  • Standard voltages: 115/60/1 (medium and high temp air defrost models), 208-230/60/1 and 208-230/60/3

Evaporator Coil Pre-Configured Options

  • Thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) and thermostat shipped loose
  • TXV installed, thermostat mounted
  • TXV installed and thermostat mounted, liquid line suction valve mounted and wired
  • Electronic controller installed

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