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Walk-ins FamilyNor-Lake manufactures walk-in coolers, freezers and combination cooler / freezers.

From a quick and easy to install Kold Locker to an extended length Fast-Trak® to a custom built Fineline, Nor-Lake provides everything a walk-in may require. 

  • Kold Locker™ Ceiling Mount Walk-in
    Kold Locker™ Walk-ins

    More than 10,000 Kold Locker™ walk-in configurations are in stock and ready to ship THE SAME DAY!

    • Sizes from 4' x 6' to 10' x 14' and three heights, 6’7” and 7’7” with floor and 7’4” less floor
    • Select from indoor or outdoor models
    • 15-year panel warranty (one of the best in the industry)
  • Fast Trak® Walk-in
    Fast-Trak® Walk-ins

    The Fast-Trak® Walk-in line includes coolers, freezers or combination cooler/freezers.

    • Available in unlimited lengths and in 7 widths. Fast-Trak® walk-ins are in stock and will ship in 5 DAYS!
    • Configured in heights of 7’7” and 8’7” with floor or 7'4" and 8’4” less floor
    • Deadbolt locking handle for security
    • Custom designed Fast-Trak® walk-ins are available for 10-DAY SHIPMENT
    • All Fast-Trak® Walk-ins have a 15-year panel warranty
  • Fineline™ Custom Walk-in
    Fineline™ Walk-ins

    These custom walk-in coolers, freezers or combination cooler/freezers are built to customer specifications. One may specify any size, any shape, special angles, glass doors, color, metal finish or single or multiple compartments. The Fineline™ walk-in represents the ultimate in walk-in flexibility.