Environmental Room Applications

Create your ideal environmental room with precise control over temperature, humidity and lighting as well as the exact size and number of compartments required.

Norlake Scientific is an environmental room provider with proven performance. Since 1982, we’ve assisted diverse scientific partners in managing their critical cold storage needs through dependable experience and solutions.

As an experienced partner, we offer design assistance from design to installation. In addition, we provide numerous options to customize your room as needed. This wide range of possibilities lets you create ideal environmental room applications with precise control over temperature, humidity, lighting, and the exact size and number of required compartments.

Norlake Scientific’s environmental room applications include blood plasma freezers, vaccine freezers, stability chambers and growth rooms. In addition, environmental rooms support experimentation and research projects in colleges and universities nationwide. Please see the links below for more information.


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Blood Plasma Freezers

Maintaining the exact temperature range required for blood plasma freezing and storage takes a reliable enclosure plus heavy-duty refrigeration systems. Norlake Scientific Enviro-Line blood plasma freezers provide both plus much more.

Environmental Test Chambers

Environmental test chambers play a crucial role in various industries by simulating real-world conditions to ensure product reliability and performance.

Vaccine Storage Freezers

Make sure your facility has enough storage for all the vaccine required to meet your needs. Norlake Scientific environmental rooms provide reliable, consistent storage with precise control of humidity and temperature.

Commercial Indoor Grow Rooms

Create ideal agricultural growth rooms using Norlake Scientific environmental rooms. Climate controlled, airtight growth rooms are easy to install and will keep plants fresh and safe.

Environmentally Controlled Rooms For Academic Research

From clean rooms to stability chambers, Norlake Scientific environmental rooms provide optimal controlled space for experimentation and research.