Mini Room Controlled Temperature Rooms

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Norlake Scientific's Mini Room controlled temperature rooms provide a stable environment that’s easy to install. Depending on size, you can assemble your refrigeration room in minutes with cam-locking 4-inch-thick panels. Each Mini Room also ships with a matching SciPak™ refrigeration system that quickly sets in place in the ceiling.

Once in place, the Mini Room’s newly enhanced electronic controls create the exact temperature conditions required for your walk-in cold room application.

Mini Room controlled temperature room sizes range from 4' x 6' to 8' x 14'. They are available in heights of 6’7” and 7’7” with floor and 7’4” less floor. Offered as +4°C coolers and -20°C freezers, Mini Rooms also have a three-year parts and labor warranty, one of the best in the industry. With this flexibility, Mini Rooms are ideal for applications including:

  • Laboratories
  • Blood banks
  • University and medical research facilities
  • Morgues
  • Agricultural growth rooms
  • Museum art and collections storage
  • Storage of reagents, media, proteins, specimens and other samples and solutions

Mini Room Refrigeration Systems

Reliable refrigeration systems are vital when it comes to controlled temperature chambers. That’s why we build Mini Room SciPak™ refrigeration systems with reliable components and precise controls.

SciPak refrigeration systems are also efficient in design. Each system consists of a condensing unit and evaporator coil in a single housing, making installation a simple process. The evaporator coil is also flush mounted in the Mini Room ceiling panel, so it doesn’t take up valuable interior storage space.

Inside Ceiling of controlled temperature room, refrigeration room or walk in cold room

SciPak refrigeration system evaporator coils are flush mounted in the ceiling panel to make full use of interior space.

Mini Room Control Panels

Mini Rooms have an exterior UL-approved control panel to provide valuable feedback on system performance, alarms and monitoring.

Each control panel features circuit breakers and multiple audio-visual alarms for added safety. In addition to safety features, a standard electronic chart recorder provides highly accurate tracking of system performance.

Mini Room Standard Electronic Control System

Tracking temperature chamber performance and adjusting settings is simple. The LogiTemp® Plus electronic control system features an easy-to-use tablet interface on the front of the Mini Room. Operators may monitor and change refrigeration settings on site or remove the tablet and take it with them for remote access. If there’s a problem, LogiTemp Plus warns immediately via error codes and online data.


LogiTemp® Plus settings are accessible through a detachable tablet interface located on the control panel of a blood plasma freezer, controlled temperature room, walk in cold room or refrigeration room.

LogiTemp® Plus settings are accessible through a detachable tablet interface located on the control panel.

As an integrated part of SciPak refrigeration systems, LogiTemp Plus also boosts system efficiency and provides many other benefits:

  • More precise and reliable controls than an all-mechanical system for increased product safety
  • LogiTemp Plus patented design saves up to 27% more energy than an all-mechanical system
  • Demand Defrost technology defrosts when needed for further energy savings
  • Operators may access system performance data from any other device with an internet connection, including PC or Mac desktops and Android or iOS smartphones.
  • No need for a service tech to climb onto a roof or enter the freezer to monitor or adjust the refrigeration system

Reverse Cycle Defrost Function

When ice builds up and blocks evaporator coils, the coils lose the ability to transfer heat properly. Temperatures in a refrigerated space then rise, resulting in product loss. Each LogiTemp Plus system features the reverse cycle defrost function that removes frost build-up in coils to protect stored products.

Reverse Cycle Defrost offers several advantages:

  • Reduces defrost energy usage by up to 80% over traditional electric heaters
  • Performs a defrost in as little as 3 to 5 minutes in a freezer or 1-1/2 to 2 minutes in a cooler (average defrost time for a freezer with electric heaters is 20 to 30 minutes)
  • Shorter defrost times allow more consistent interior temperature and protect product integrity

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