Environmentally Controlled Rooms For Academic Research

Norlake Scientific environmentally controlled rooms provide optimal controlled space as environmental rooms for academic research.

From clean rooms to stability chambers, Norlake Scientific environmentally controlled rooms for academic research provide optimal controlled space for experimentation and testing. Depending on your needs, please select from our standard-sized Mini Rooms or fully customizable Enviro-Line models.

Our environmental rooms for academic research are ideal for testing and analysis in many fields, including:

  • Agricultural
  • Medicine
  • Biology & Bio-Scientific
  • Criminology
  • Entomology

Create your environmental room using Norlake's 4” thick polyurethane insulated panels for an airtight seal. Due to its superior insulation properties, polyurethane foam maximizes your storage space by allowing thinner walls.

Polyurethane panels are environmentally friendly as they meet or exceed federal requirements and feature an eco-friendly blowing agent with zero ozone depletion potential.

You may adjust the humidity, light and temperature as required within your environmental room using precise electronic controls. Additionally, you may configure our custom Enviro-Line structures in practically any size, shape or metal finish. Multiple compartments are also an option if you require separate environmental rooms with differing conditions.

Installation is simple with Norlake Scientific’s modular panel construction. Should you need to expand your environmental room or relocate, it is an easy process to disassemble and rebuild.

Norlake Scientific also provides refrigeration systems with high-quality components for added dependability and efficiency in your environmental room. Energy-efficient compressors and motors, for example, provide maximum energy savings, while eco-friendly refrigerants help protect the environment.

Norlake can also supply a redundant refrigeration system to protect against system failure due to weather or other conditions for added security and peace of mind.


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