Environmental Test Chambers

Norlake Enviro-Line blood plasma freezer or test chamber

Environmental test chambers are stable, controlled environments used to test products by subjecting them to various temperature and humidity conditions. Testing includes the effects of these conditions on the product and how well it performs when subjected to extreme circumstances.

Environmental test chambers play a crucial role in various industries by simulating real-world conditions to ensure product reliability and performance.

Why Use Environmental Test Chambers?

Industries from automotive to electronics to pharmaceutical use environmental test chambers for several reasons:

  • Replicating and controlling environmental conditions: By mimicking the actual operating conditions, test chambers provide valuable insights into how a product will perform in different environments.
  • Identifying design flaws and weaknesses: Stress testing helps uncover potential issues and allows for design improvements before mass production.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards: Test chambers help assess a product's ability to meet industry regulations and standards.
  • Enhancing product reliability and customer satisfaction: By subjecting products to rigorous testing, environmental chambers improve overall quality, reducing the risk of failures and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Saving time and cost: Early detection of issues during development minimizes costly redesigns and reworks.

How Do Environmental Test Chambers Work?

Norlake environmental test chambers function through sophisticated control systems and components.

Control Systems

Control systems are fully programmable for the most precise air and product temperature and humidity regulation. Users can program settings for both extreme heat and cold simulations. And humidity controls replicate different moisture levels, from low humidity to highly humid conditions.

Norlake’s LogiTemp® Plus electronic controller, used with low ambient refrigerated applications, offers more precise and reliable controls than an all-mechanical system for increased product safety. With advanced features such as patented reverse cycle defrost, LogiTemp Plus saves up to 27% more energy than an all-mechanical system.

Custom-designed control panels are available for unique applications. Systems can also integrate into existing building systems for more straightforward operation.

Control Interfaces

Norlake’s user-friendly interfaces and control panels enable operators to set and monitor specific test conditions accurately. The control system interface allows monitoring in °C or °F, temperature adjustment, temperature documentation on chart recorders, and audible and visual alarms. The advanced control provides a +/- 0.5°C and +/- 5.0% accuracy.

Settings are accessed through an easy-to-use tablet interface on the front of the control panel. Operators may monitor and adjust refrigeration settings on site or remove the tablet and take it with them for remote access.

Norlake Scientific control panels are used in environmental test rooms, blood plasma freezers and many other applications.

Norlake Scientific control panels provide precise control over air temperature, humidity and lighting.


Blood plasma freezer and environmental test room settings are accessible through a detachable tablet interface located on the front of the freezer.

LogiTemp® Plus settings are accessible through a detachable tablet interface located on the control panel.


Safety Features

Norlake test chambers are equipped with safety mechanisms, including alarms and emergency shut-offs, to ensure the safety of both users and the environment.

These features include:

  • Air and product Hi/Lo temperature alarm
  • Key lock door for security
  • Dry contacts for remote alarm
  • Power failure alarm

Refrigeration Systems

Low-temperature applications require industrial-quality refrigeration systems. Norlake systems feature high-quality components for added dependability and efficiency. Energy-efficient compressors and motors, for example, provide maximum energy savings, while eco-friendly refrigerants help protect the environment.

For added security and peace of mind, redundant refrigeration systems protect against system failure due to weather or other conditions.

Norlake Scientific industrial-quality refrigeration systems are used in environmental rooms, environmental test chambers, blood plasma freezes and other applications.

Norlake Scientific supplies industrial-quality refrigeration systems with customized environmental rooms and test chambers when required.


Environmental Test Chamber Construction

Environmental test chambers are designed to withstand demanding testing conditions.


Effective insulation maintains stable and controlled test conditions while minimizing energy consumption. Norlake test chambers feature polyurethane insulation that offers superior temperature-retaining properties, boosting energy efficiency.

With a 97% closed cell content, polyurethane also provides excellent moisture resistance. Because polyurethane foam allows for thinner walls, you also get the maximum interior storage space. And, with zero ozone depletion potential, polyurethane is environmentally friendly.

Structural Integrity

Environmental test chambers are built with robust construction to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring long-term reliability.

Norlake walk-in test chambers, constructed of four-inch thick insulated panels, feature a 26 gauge corrosion-resistant coated steel interior and exterior. Standard floors feature a smooth aluminum interior surface. Other wall and floor finishes, and five- and six-inch thicknesses, are available to suit your application.

Each panel features a tongue and groove design for proper alignment and a dependable seal. Continuous gaskets around the outer perimeter of the panels further ensure a tight seal.

Insulated panels feature a tongue and groove design for proper alignment and a dependable seal in walk-ins, environmental test chambers, blood plasma freezers and other products.

Insulated panels feature a tongue and groove design for proper alignment and a dependable seal.





Standard test chamber doors maintain inside conditions by creating an airtight seal. Their stepped profile design forms a barrier to airflow. Other door components like spring-loaded hinges, spring-activated door closers and magnetic gaskets also help create a dependable seal.

Available in widths of 26", 30" and 36", standard entry doors may be strategically placed to facilitate sample placement and easy loading. Other widths and door types are also available. Additional options include view windows that provide visibility for monitoring tests without compromising test conditions.

Environmental Test Chamber Options

Environmental test chambers offer various options to cater to specific testing requirements.

Size And Capacity

Test chambers are available in different sizes to accommodate samples of varying dimensions and quantities.

Temperature Range

Chambers can achieve high and low-temperature extremes, enabling testing in diverse conditions.


Norlake test chambers simulate a wide range of humidity levels. The ultrasonic humidifier provides up to eight pounds of water per hour when needed.

Disinfection Systems

Disinfection systems using specially designed ultraviolet radiation lamps effectively kill bacteria, viruses, mold and yeast.

Additional Options

Other customizations include:

  • Diamond tread flooring
  • Exterior door ramps
  • Shelving kits
  • Viewport doors
  • Duplex electrical outlets
  • Heater kit for cooler located outdoors in below 0°C ambient
  • Leak detector/alarm (may be required in some areas)


Environmental test chambers are essential for industries delivering reliable, high-performance products. By simulating real-world conditions, these chambers identify potential issues early, enhance product quality, and save time and cost in the development process. With their advanced control systems, robust construction, and customizable options, environmental test chambers are invaluable assets in the quest for superior product performance and customer satisfaction.