Vaccine Storage Freezers

Scientific lab with Norlake Scientific custom walk-in used for many applications including vaccine storage freezers including covid vaccines.

Ensure your facility has enough vaccine storage freezer space to cover COVID-19 and other vaccines. Norlake Scientific vaccine storage freezers may be custom designed, or you may select from standard configurations. Either choice provides reliable, consistent storage conditions with precise humidity and temperature control. Our vaccine storage freezers also fit many other treatment and diagnosis needs, such as blood and plasma storage, sample storage and stability testing.

Norlake Scientific rooms are constructed of polyurethane insulated panels. We use polyurethane foam for many reasons, including its superior temperature-retaining properties, which boost energy efficiency.

With a 97% closed cell content, polyurethane also provides excellent moisture resistance. Because polyurethane foam allows for thinner walls, you also get the maximum interior storage space. Norlake Scientific foam is also environmentally friendly since it has a blowing agent with zero ozone depletion potential.

Norlake Scientific's modular panels with cam-lock construction make assembling your vaccine storage freezer easy. You can easily engage the locks using a factory-supplied 5/16-inch hex wrench. Should you need to relocate or add panels, you can remove your freezer and reassemble it.

Norlake cam-lock construction

Norlake Scientific's modular panels with cam-lock construction are easily assembled.

Norlake walk-in panels used in vaccine freezers feature a tongue and groove design for proper alignment and a dependable seal. Continuous gaskets around the outer perimeter of the panel further ensure a tight seal. Gaskets are foamed-in-place so they won't fall off or pull off during shipment or installation.

Enviro-Line Custom Rooms

  • Custom rooms available to suit specific freezer storage and application requirements
  • Modular construction for easy installation
  • Wide range of refrigeration system options
  • Available microprocessor controllers, alarms, monitors, temperature and humidity chart recorders, shelving, ramps, lighting, humidification and dehumidification

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Mini Room Controlled Temperature Rooms

  • Offered in 4°C and -20°C temperatures
  • Ceiling mount SciPak™ refrigeration system
  • LogiTemp® Plus With Reverse Cycle Defrost electronic control system features an easy-to-use, removable tablet interface on front
  • All refrigeration system components outside, allowing more vaccine freezer storage inside
  • Standard sizes from 4' x 6' to 8' x 14'
  • Three-year parts and labor warranty

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