Bar Equipment

Nor-Lake’s bar equipment line features models to fit all your needs including storage, display and dispensing.

Refrigerated bottle coolers provide reliable cold storage to keep plenty of your customers’ favorite brands on-hand. Adjustable dividers make it easy to stack and store cans and bottles to maximize storage space. These coolers are built to endure daily usage with a durable stainless top and sliding covers.

Back bar refrigerators are available in several configurations to suit your requirements. If you are looking for additional storage, solid door models will keep your cans and bottles refreshingly cold. Glass door models with LED lighting are ideal for retail needs allowing you to display the most popular brands. Both solid and glass door models come in standard or shallow depth to fit your workspace.

Direct draw beer keg coolers feature continuous cold air circulation within the draft towers to keep your product cool from keg to glass. A wide variety of models with numerous tap configurations is available.

AdvantEDGE™ Back Bar Refrigeration

Nor-Lake back bar refrigerators are available in solid or glass door models and can be used for basic storage or as display merchandisers depending on your needs. LED lighting is standard and all models are NSF approved for bottled and canned products. With two shelves per section, you can make the most of your storage or display area. In fact, the internal height capacity of each model allows stacking of three longneck beers.

AdvantEDGE™ Bottle Coolers

Make the most of your storage space with Nor-Lake refrigerated bottle coolers. These high capacity coolers are designed to provide reliable cold storage for bottles and cans while keeping a large quantity of best-selling products within easy reach. With several sizes available, it’s easy to fit your space and capacity needs.

AdvantEDGE™ Direct Draw Beer Coolers

Nor-Lake direct draw beer keg coolers are an ideal way to keep your customers’ favorite brands on-tap. A variety of sizes and tap configurations makes it easy to find the right model to fit your needs. The single keg NLDD24 model is equipped with casters and a glass rail, making it a mobile “event’ cooler. All models feature continuous cold air circulation within the draft towers to keep beer at its coldest.

AdvantEDGE™ Shallow Back Bar Refrigeration

Nor-Lake shallow depth back bar refrigerators are made to fit tight workspaces but still deliver on dependable cold storage. Like the standard depth models, both solid and glass door versions are available. Two shelves per section make it easy to utilize the full storage space while standard door locks add security. Energy efficient, long-lasting LED lighting is also standard.