Refrigerated Chef Bases

Nor-Lake chef bases, or chef stands, are the perfect solution for adding refrigerated storage space to a crowded kitchen workspace. Designed to fit under combis and other equipment, refrigerated stands are a convenient space to store meats and other food items. Nor-Lake chef bases are constructed of stainless steel for maximum durability. The drawer units can withstand a maximum of 200 lbs. without deflection.

AdvantEDGE™ Refrigerated Chef Base

Nor-Lake refrigerated chef base stands provide dependable cold storage without taking up valuable workspace. Typically situated under griddles, grills or other cooking equipment, chef bases store meats, cheeses and other ingredients creating a complete food prep area. Many widths are available to fit your workspace requirements and a full marine drip guard is standard on most models to prevent spills from dripping over the edge. Upper and lower drawers accommodate up to 4" deep 12"x 20" pans as well as other sizes when optional horizontal dividers are used (pans not included).