Specialty Freezers



The Nor-Lake specialty freezers product line includes all the models needed for a successful ice cream business. Storage dipping cabinets provide consistent temperatures for dipped ice cream. Topping cabinets combine a refrigerated rail section with a refrigerated or frozen storage area and are ideal for sundae stations or other prep areas. Ice cream dipping-display merchandisers place all the popular flavors on display for added retail sales.

Dipping Display Merchandisers

HF model dipping-display ice cream cabinets feature standard lid, low profile flat glass lid and low profile curved glass lid models to suit most any ice cream merchandising need. Each model features a full glass top and LED lighting to maximize product visibility. HF model ice cream cabinets are designed for operator comfort with a curved rear edge and a lowered back wall which makes it easier to reach inside the case and scoop ice cream. The cold wall evaporator design provides even temperature throughout the cabinet to ensure ice cream quality.

Storage Dipping Cabinets

Used frequently in ice cream shops or self-serve buffet lines, ice cream dipping cabinets typically accommodate 3-gallon containers and are available in a variety of sizes to suit your volume. The cold wall evaporator design provides even temperature throughout the cabinet with no air blowing across the ice cream which can lower product quality.

Topping Dipping Cabinets

A mainstay in traditional soda fountains, these cabinets feature pumps and jars mounted above the dipping cabinet. Topping centers are ideal for prep areas or sundae stations in ice cream shops. The construction is the same as a standard dipping cabinet but with the raised rail that houses the jars and pumps.