Undercounter Refrigerators And Freezers

Nor-Lake Undercounter/Worktable Refrigerators and Freezers are available in a wide range of sizes to fit your application. Standard features include durable stainless steel construction inside and out and self-closing doors to keep your perishables fresh.

AdvantEDGE™ Undercounter/Worktable Freezers

AdvantEDGE™ undercounter/worktable freezers provide reliable refrigerated storage space and are designed to take advantage of valuable, limited workspace.

AdvantEDGE™ Undercounter/Worktable Refrigerators

Nor-Lake undercounter/worktable refrigerators are an easy way to add refrigerated storage space to any kitchen or food prep area. These undercounter refrigerator models are also designed to take advantage of valuable and limited workspace.