Walk In Coolers & Walk In Freezers

Walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers from Norlake provide everything you need in cold storage.

From a quick and easy to install Kold Locker™ to an extended length Fast-Trak® to a custom built Fineline™, Norlake has your walk-in.

All walk ins feature polyurethane foamed-in-place panels for the most reliable cold storage. Due to its superior insulation properties, polyurethane foam allows for thinner walls which maximizes your storage space.

Norlake panels are energy efficient while also environmentally-friendly. They meet or exceed federal Energy Independence and Security Act requirements and are foamed with a blowing agent with zero ozone depletion potential.

Standard roof and wall panels are four inches thick. Their interior and exterior finish is acrylic-coated galvanized steel which is also corrosion-resistant.

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The Norlake cam-locking system makes assembly an easy process. Panels are locked together using a factory-supplied 5/16-in. hex wrench. They are also easily taken apart for relocation or expansion of your walk in.

Standard doors feature spring-loaded cam-lift hinges for reliable closure. Hinges are also fitted with field-adjustable backing plates. These plates ensure a proper fit of the door to its opening during installation. They also allow for future adjustments as needed.

All walk-in doors are equipped with a standard deadbolt-locking handle for extra security.

Floors, when required, feature a standard smooth aluminum surface. Standard floors support 700 pounds per square foot (evenly distributed stationary load). For heavy-duty traffic, consider using a reinforced or structural floor.


Available products, click on image for additional product information.

Kold Locker™ Walk-ins

Each Kold Locker walk in cooler or freezer is matched with a Norlake Capsule Pak™ or Capsule Pak ECO™* refrigeration system featuring a flush coil to allow 100% usable interior space. Kold Locker walk ins are designed for fast and...

Fast-Trak® Walk-ins

Fast-Trak walk in coolers, freezers and combination cooler/freezer models offer fast shipment with the flexibility of additional options. Fast-Trak models are available in unlimited lengths with standard heights of 7' 7” & 8 7” with a floor and 7' 4”...

Fineline™ Walk-ins

Fineline walk in coolers and freezers give you the ultimate in flexibility. Specify any size, special shape, special angles, glass doors, color, metal finish, single or multiple compartments. Fineline Walk-ins are custom built to your specifications. There are also numerous...

Walk-in Installation

From single compartment coolers to large cold storage warehouses, Norlake is ready to help with walk-in installation. We’ve partnered with certified service agents and installers across the US and in Canada making it easy to find a service provider near...

Walk-in Repair & Refurbishment

  Daily usage in busy foodservice workspaces can be rough on your walk in cooler. Walk ins are frequently subjected to abuse that leads to a variety of issues. For example, frequent door slamming results in damaged hinges, closers and...