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Walk-in coolers and freezers from Norlake provide everything you need in cold storage. Whether you’re looking for a walk in cooling chamber or a walk in refrigerator freezer combo, we have you covered.

We accommodate all size requirements from small walk-in refrigerators and freezers to large refrigerated warehouses.

And, with some of the best lead times in the industry, you can get a complete cold storage solution when you need it.

From a quick and easy-to-install Kold Locker™ to an extended length Fast-Trak® to a custom built Fineline™, Norlake has your walk-in refrigerator or freezer. We also manufacture walk-in refrigeration systems for a complete cold storage solution.

Use our Savings Calculator to see how much you can save with Norlake polyurethane insulated walk-ins.

Use our Savings Calculator to see how much you save with polyurethane insulated walk-ins.

Reliable Walk-In Construction

As a trusted partner, Norlake provides quality walk-ins and refrigeration systems you can depend on. All our refrigeration products are made in the USA using proven components and construction techniques.

For example, all walk-ins feature polyurethane foamed-in-place panels ensuring the optimal walk in freezer or cooler temperature is maintained. These panels offer superior heat and moisture resistance compared to other options.

Using polyurethane, Norlake can provide panels with an R-value of 32, which meets or surpasses federal energy standards for coolers and freezers.

In addition to being energy efficient, Norlake panels are also environmentally friendly. The blowing agent used in Norlake polyurethane foam has a zero ozone depletion potential.

Standard roof and wall panels are four inches thick. Their interior and exterior finish is acrylic-coated galvanized steel which is also corrosion-resistant.

Floors, when required, feature a standard smooth aluminum surface. Standard floors support 800 pounds per square foot (evenly distributed stationary load). For heavy-duty traffic, consider using a reinforced or structural floor.

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Outstanding Walk-In Features

The Norlake cam-locking system makes assembly an easy process. Panels lock together using a factory-supplied 5/16-in. hex wrench. They are also quickly disassembled for walk-in relocation or expansion.

Standard walk in cooler doors and walk in freezer doors feature spring-loaded cam-lift hinges for reliable closure. Hinges have field-adjustable backing plates that ensure a proper fit of the door to its opening during installation. They also allow for future adjustments as needed.

All walk-in doors have a standard deadbolt-locking handle for extra security.

Walk-In Sizing

Norlake walk-ins are available in practically any size to fit your needs. You can choose standard quick ship sizes or customize them. A few helpful tips on sizing:

  • Consider your product storage needs, with a general guideline of 1 cubic ft. accommodating 28 lbs. of food. Also, remember to plan for future business growth.
  • For larger storage needs, consider an outdoor walk-in, but remember it requires extra features such as a vinyl roof, a rain hood for the door, and a low ambient kit for the refrigeration system in cold winter areas.
  • Efficient internal organization with shelving kits will help maximize your space and keep overall dimensions in check. Remember to place shelving along the walk-in perimeter and maintain 40-inch aisle spaces if using carts for loading.
  • Don’t overlook the refrigeration system when it comes to sizing. Its size and placement significantly impact the overall walk-in size. Ensure sufficient space for airflow and maintenance. Leave two feet from the top to the building ceiling for ceiling-mounted packaged systems. For remote systems, keep at least two inches between the walk-in ceiling and the building ceiling for installation.

Walk-In Temperature

Maintaining the right temperature in your walk-in cooler or freezer is vital for food preservation and safety. Norlake walk-ins are designed to reliably hold a consistent temperature to match your needs. As a general guideline, Norlake recommends walk-in coolers be set at 35°F, while freezers should be at -10°F for optimal food safety. Keep in mind that Federal guidelines emphasize storing food items below 40°F to prevent harmful bacteria growth.

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